Saturday 9 March 2019

Scattered posts

I have stopped blogging about four years ago - you'd think when you look at my blog today. That's actually not true, I did write loads about my studies and my research. Aside from academic publications, I also wrote loads of blog posts that were published with the Green Party Germany (alas, in German), with the Open Innovation Team at the Cabinet Office, and most recently, the Chatham House Commission on Democracy and Technology. I was also involved in a project for a while - 'Project PhD' - a shared blog where some friends and I discussed our PhD journeys in very different circumstances. Sadly, the project withered away as we got more enveloped in said journeys.

I found that I need to gather all the stuff I wrote in one place, so that I can keep taps on all that I have done. I'd also like the occasional visitor of this blog, who probably found it through Google because we crossed patsh somewhere, to be able to read up on what I'm up to. So here we go, reposting all the content of the last few years!